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Heat network in Au, Wädenswil

Heat from geothermal energy

enshift is in charge of the energy optimization of a nano-gas heating network with approx. 240 households and a total heat consumption of 2 million kWh. There is a partial conversion to deep geothermal energy (900m) with a renewable heat capacity of approx. 400 kW.

2 Mio kWh

Total heat consumption

1’400 kW

Gas burner output (old)

400 kW

Heat pump output (new)

20 %

Cheaper heating for tenants

CHF 1.5 Mio

Avoided investment costs

Course of the project.

Simulation: The process begins with a thorough simulation of the heat demand and distribution within the concerned area. This involves analyzing factors such as building structures, insulation levels, geographical layout, and historical weather data to accurately predict the heating needs of the 10 multi-family homes with 240 households.


Planning: Based on the simulation results, engineers and planners develop a comprehensive plan for the heat network. This includes determining the most suitable heat source (such as biomass, geothermal, or district heating), designing the layout of the distribution network (pipes, pumps, valves), and calculating the required capacity of the heating system to meet the demand of all households efficiently.


Realization: Once the plan is finalized and approved, the actual construction of the heat network begins. This involves installation of the necessary infrastructure, such as pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, and control systems. Careful coordination is required to minimize disruption to residents and ensure that the network is implemented according to design specifications and safety standards.


Throughout this process, collaboration between various stakeholders, including engineers, local authorities, and residents, is essential to address technical challenges, obtain necessary permits, and ensure community engagement. Additionally, ongoing monitoring and maintenance are crucial to optimize the performance and efficiency of the heat network over time.

Max result
with minimal

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